What are Domain and Hosting?

What is domain

What are Domain and Hosting?

domain and hosting

What are Domain and Hosting? So in today’s era, the virtual world holds the power to make or break your business or personality. When it comes to modern businesses one cannot ignore the value of the internet. The technology gets advanced with the passage of time, giving you more platforms and features to make your dreams come true. Just like every building needs a basic structure, your virtual business also needs a basic platform to get visible in the virtual world. 

The domain is the key to build a website while the hosting is the platform through which your websites appear online. This is the basic platform every business or blogger needs. This blog will let you know the functions and information regarding domain and hosting. 

Domain & Its Importance 

Domain names come to existence as humans find difficult to remember the series of numbers. The computer uses IP addresses which aren’t easy to remember for which domain names were built. The domain name defines the address of your website through which internet users can access your website. A domain name is a basic step to enter into the virtual world. Before building a blog or website you must select a domain name. You can select any of the names for your domain that relates your blog. 

What is domain

Importance of Domain Name  

Domain name holds essential value in the virtual world. From search engine optimization to get your website recognized, domain name plays an important role. On the internet, your domain name is the unique identity through which you can get recognized. Your domain name could be anything from numbers to alphabets. The top benefits of the domain name are as follows 

  • Give your website a more Professional Look
  • Protect copyrights and trademark 
  • Increase brand awareness 
  • The better search engine positioning 
  • Build a reputation and make your website recognized. 

Domain Name Extensions 

A domain name is the one you assign to your website. For example, a science view and domain extension is the .com you see after the domain name. The domain extension holds as much importance as your domain name does. Domain extension helps the user to identify which type of website it is. The domain name extension depends on your business. The domain name extension can be divided into two types local domain extension & international domain extension. Some top-level domain extensions are as follows

  • .com extension: This extension is used for international businesses to get recognized in the virtual world. 
  • .Edu extension: if your website is related to education than .edu is the perfect choice that indicates the purpose of your website. 
  • .Net extension: This was originally created for the network websites. Now this domain extension is used in advertising sectors and network businesses. 

Domain Registration

This is the last step you need to do in order to get your domain name. Once you selected your domain name and extension, you need to register it through a reliable platform. Many hosting providers give this facility to register the domain at cheap or no cost. The domain registration is important in order to acquire a unique identity. 

What Is Hosting?

The hosting is the platform through which you make your website visible. Hosting is just like your house and domain are similar to the house address. The right address, the best furniture, and large space are all you need to be successful. You need to contact the best hosting provider to go with the best hosting. 

Who is Hosting Provider & What he does? 

The hosting provider is the one who gives you the space on the internet to store the file and make your website visible. You need to tell the requirements and check the uptime speed to get the best hosting for you. The work of a hosting provider is to provide you with the technology like servers through which you can store data. It is the responsibility of your hosting provider to make your website visible on the internet. 

Type of Hosting 

Hosting can make or break your business. It is important to choose the right hosting. When it comes to choosing the right hosting you can get confused with so many hosting types. Not every hosting is suitable for every business. Let’s take a look at the top hosting platforms you can choose. 

  • Shared Hosting: Shared hosting is the one where you share servers with different websites. It is suitable for a blogger but not for a large business. 
  • VPS Hosting: VPS stands for virtual private server and is more reliable than any other hosting. The large businesses prefer VPS hosting as it gives more security, privacy and better speed. The VPS hosting cost more than shared hosting. 
  • Dedicated Hosting:  Majority website owners need more space and security for their website. They choose dedicated hosting where they hire an entire server for their entire website. To enjoy unparalleled freedom, you need to pay more. 

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