US and Iran Relations

US and Iran clashes
WWIII begin? US and Iran clashes may begin WWIII.Read full article

What IF U.S and IRAN Went To WAR

US and Iran relations U.S and Iran’s conflict isn’t new at all. The United States who is considered to be the world superpower tries to influence its laws on small or weak countries. Recently China called as business hub also suffers many restrictions from the U.S. It is clear that U.S don’t want any other country to become a superpower as it could be the alarming sign for the peace and security of U.S.

The war between the U.S and Iran could be the beginning of World War 3. Before going towards the impact of war between the U.S and Iran it is essential to know why this conflict isn’t getting resolved and why things are not going in the right direction.

Conflict Between U.S & Iran

After 1980 Iran and the U.S never formed diplomatic relations. Pakistan play’s its role as a protecting power of Iran in the United States whereas Switzerland protects the United States in Tehran. The real conflict took place four decades ago after the Islamic revolution in Iran, the American embassy was taken over by the college students who were the followers of Imam’s line. This was the start of a new era in Iran.

With the passage of time, Iran improves its technology and Strength of its army. As soon as the nuclear program started by Iran the united states and majority countries pressurized Iran to stop the program. The United States with the help of many countries use sanctions to influence the uranium program.  Barack Obama played an important role by doing the nuclear agreement with Iran which open the door to the diplomatic relations.

The Trumps Era

The conflict between the United States and Iran get more critical in the Trumps era. Trump as the American President is the most powerful person in the world. The Trump withdraws the nuclear agreement done by Obama. According to the trump statement the deal doesn’t address malevolent regional activities and there is a need to add more points in the agreement. Israel supported Donald Trump for every decision taken against Iran.

  • Sanctions on aluminum, iron, steel and copper sectors that holds 10 percent of Iran’s economy.
  • Sanction on the export of Iranian oil.
  • Declared the Iranian army as a terrorist.

These recent sanctions imposed by America were highly opposed by Germany, Britain, and France. The Trump told in his statement that the U.S won’t tolerate any Iranian product on the ports of different countries.

The reaction of Iran On Sanction

Iran reacted on the sanctions imposed by the U.S by saying that the united states imposed illegal laws that won’t give good results. In the statement of Iranian defense minister, it was clearly said that an oil restriction is an illegal act that won’t be tolerated by Iran. Iran has an option to sell its oil in the black market to different countries. After the U.S declared the Iranian army as a terrorist organization, The Iranian parliament passed the bill against the U.S army.

Relation of Saudi Arabia & Iran

The cold war between Iran and Saudi Arabia is increasing day by day. Both Muslim countries are struggling to hold influence in the middle east. Both countries are fighting proxy wars against each other in Yemen, Syria, and Iraq. Iran & Saudi belong to one of the biggest sects of Muslim Ummah ( Shia & Sunni) due to which proxy extended in other Muslim states like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Qatar, and Lebanon. Russia and China support Iran and Saudi Arabia gets help from America.

Recent Development In Proxy War (US and Iran relations)

The recent attacks on UAE oil ships and drone attack on Saudi Arabia increased the tension between the two countries. It could be a coincidence that right after the warning of the United States of any possible attack, this attack takes place. Iran, on the other hand, denies any possible attack on Saudi Arabia and always seeks for the dialogues.

Involvement of America (US and Iran relations)

The recent conflicts between Iran and Saudi Arabia let the doors open for the involvement of the United States. In an article published by Saudi state media, it was clearly said that Saudi wants America to attack Iran and save the world from Hitler ( Khomeini). Very harsh words were used against the rulers of Iran. America as a supporter of Saudi Arabia and the Middle East announced to deploy 1500 troops in middle east carrying all the latest equipment and drones to counter Iran.

Iran Warned U.S

The United States threatened Iran that it would disappear from the world’s map if they fight with united states. Iran as an independent country reserves the right to protect his homeland told by Hasan Rohani the president of Iran. The foreign minister of Iran rejects the dialogues with united states and told united states not to proceed forward or else they will suffer the most.

The Recent Middle East Development

57 states member including Iran participated in the OIC (organization of Islamic conference) held in Mecca. Saudi Arabia declared Iran as a terrorist state before the OIC. All the countries including Pakistan were on the same page to stop the terrorist activities throughout the middle east. On the other hand, Iran denied its involvement in any terrorist attack on Saudi Arabia & UAE.

Impact of War Between the U.S and Iran

Iran and the United States are the bitter enemies of each other. The United States already started an economic war with Iran. According to the resources, Israel is the main bone of contention between the two states. Israeli President advised trump to ruin the economy of Iran through which it would be easy for the United States to fight with Iran. The conflict between both countries could open any battle in the region.

Effect of Possible U.S & Iran War

The United States is fully prepared to launch an airstrike on Iran. Trump is planning to launch this attack soon. The possible effects that will appear after or during the war are as follows

  • The middle east will suffer the most, including Saudia Arabia, Qatar & UAE as Americans will use their bases.
  • Fuel prices will shoot and it will be hard for developing countries such as Pakistan to purchase oil.
  • Iraq will also get affected and there is a high chance that battle will officially take place in Iraq.

War Effects In Pakistan

Pakistan shares a border with Iran and supports Saudi Arabia. There is already a gap between Pakistan and America. After the change in the Government, there are no official dialogues conducted with America. Pakistan establishment is already facing internal and economic issues and is not in favor of any war in the region. The possible effects are as follows

  • There is a high chance of civil war in Pakistan as both sects of Muslims are living in the country. Any attack from the bases of Saudi Arabia holding by Amerian Army will directly or indirectly affect the whole Muslim ummah.
  • The country’s poor economy will collapse due to the war in the neighboring country.
  • Pakistan energy security is at high risk due to the sanctions put on Tehran by Washington. IT could get worse if the battle starts.

Role of Pakistan In The War

At this stage, Pakistan is neutral between the Saudi and Iran conflicts. It’s really important to understand that America will surely launch airstrike by using Saudi bases. America will not be alone but will be supporting Saudia and Arab states in the war against Iran. The recent dialogue between Pakistan and Iran are quite successful in breaking the gap between both countries. Pakistan foreign minister clearly warned America in his official statement. The Minister told that Pakistan won’t tolerate any U.S attack on Iran and will support Iran in this war.

Pakistan had defined its position on the conflict between Iran and America. The real challenge for Pakistan is the conflict between Saudia Arabia & Iran. It’s quite hard for Pakistan to define its position on Iran and Saudia Arab conflict. The foreign minister told that Pakistan is in favor of dialogues between Saudi Arabia and Iran to resolve the issues but didn’t speak on the expected war between Saudia Arabia and Iran.

Role of SuperPowers

Russia and China are supporting Iran in the conflict. There are high possibilities that the American troops present in the middle east will directly start the war against China. The foreign minister of China said that China isn’t in favor of any war but fully prepared to fight any battle in the region. Russia stands against America on every platform.

Beginning of World War 3

The things are getting worse as explained above. The conflicts between China-U.S, Iran-U.S, Iran-Saudia Arabia and Russia-U.S open the door for World War 3. As the tension between Iran and America is critical so it is expected that any single airstrike can lead to the world war. The United Nations already warned about a nuclear attack on different countries that will lead to the World War. The war won’t benefit a single country and will destroy the peace of the region.

US and Iran relations

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